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There are many remote tool used for serial comport, ssh client, telnet client, and etc, such as putty, terateam, xshell, and more. Today I would like to show how to used terateam in a different way. I will involve these:

  • manual way: used to connect serial com port(console redirection)
  • write ttl, and loadd ttl scipt
  • use bat script to automatic run it

Why should we used it and what benefit would it bring to us? Well if you are Network security security penetration or system administration, i believe you often use these types of tool. If you have some many…

Today I would like to share some stories of rejection while going across the journey of finding a job and in my career. I believe that most people will get lost in the middle of the crossroad after working for 10 years in my career. I might think about this:

what is or are my future path

What can i offer/value

I have much to offer what my next step, and etc

Changing differnt field or enviroment

lack of challenging or future in current industry

money health and so on…..

Well, there is tons of related reason of changing your…

Today I would like to share with you if you ever have Logetic c270 web camera, and you use Logitec capture, but it’s a black screen. I'll teach you to solve this problem。

Part 1 : Check your driver Vid and UID

  1. Please make sure your driver for webcamera is been installed, to conform, go to the devices manager (window+R and type in devmgmt.msc, or My Computer left click properties>advance system setting)


2Go to USB and see USB Composition and right-click and click on properties, and click on the details。點你的裝置,滑鼠右鍵>內容>相細資料

3. select HarwareID to copy your Vid and PID. Vid will not be changed, only need to get…


請前去terminal or cmd 確定指令友們有,沒說明沒有安裝。我的想法是盡量不要安裝,有default是最好,所以大家可以先看那些指令有。

1. FTP 指令,如果你有ftp server,妳可以把電腦上傳到妳的server。ftp需要有帳號密碼

Example: put/get filename, put for upload, get for download

1. ftp 192.168.0.x 
2. login us …

Couple of months I had been playing around with selenium using some automation bot to access on Instagram. You can find many resources on google or Youtube. This is basic of selenium, I will show how to do automation with Instagram in the next article.

Basic initial on web driver (normal)

You have to download the driver first:



from selenium import webdriver 

Above is initial your ChromeDriver’s location, if your chromedriver is in the same directory, you don’t have to assign your driver location, like this:


you can also do like this which I think is better.




大家一定常用DEVTool 也就是開發工具,如果不知道在哪,就在瀏覽器裡面任何網頁點滑鼠右鍵點”檢查”(chrome 快鑑:ctrtl+shift +I)。我們可以從開發工具裡面爪到相關影片串流網址相關資訊,一般都會在Network>XHR裡面就會有。在早期你知道點選Media就會有很多MP4相關,現在MEDIA找不到了需要去ALL 或XHR才有東西。但是不是每的網站都可以找到,有些網站網頁安全做得很好,就不好找,可能就需要用第三方工具分析等等。現在大不網頁的串流都是用.TS 或.m3u8檔案,他其實就是HLS一種協定。他把影片切成很多.TS檔案,一個.TS襠案影片差不多10–12秒的影片,切成200–300檔案就是一部串流影片。大家有興去可以上網找相關文章。


Youtube為例子,如果你去DEVTOOL去抓你們會發現youtube影片其實把影片,跟影音切成兩半,也就是一個pair就是一部影片。你們可以看到影片格式會顯示是webm格式,影音會顯示weba格式。當你們去開發工具會看到playlistXXXX你們就點進去上面顯示Request URL,下面會顯示content type,相關資訊。你們點url右鑑前往那網址。你會發現沒影片,或是播一半就停。請把&range到&前面刪掉,有兩個&,只能刪一個,刪完按enter就可以播。此時沒有聲音,因為這個你抓到的是影片。要有聲音請抓下面那個,做法跟剛剛的一樣。等兩個都抓完了,我們要把兩個檔案合併成一個影片mp4。

This is interesting that I often see when seeing concatenate error when using python, and finally, I had understood what’s the main reason.

When you see this issue is related to the type int and string. Most of the time we will be using the plus and comma to combine two strings or variables.

Remember one thing if you see this error, please convert to the correct value, and I will show some examples to it to make it more clear.

Commar will leave a space when using print. Plus sign will not leave a space, instead, it will combine…


其實電腦和手機都一樣,差別就是要安裝麥克風就可以。大家可以去試看看,裝完麥克風也同樣可以取代打字。那你可能問我那有甚麼好分享。我要分享一個很不 一樣的方式,就是如果我們用影音播一個音檔、影片等等,再用這樣方式可能行不通。

我想跟你們我為什麼會想用音檔或影片轉成文字,是因為有一天我在網路線上影片上投資理財課,我想要把筆記寫記錄在文件檔word。我發現如果我要一邊聽一邊打,實在太慢了。於是我就上網找,就發現這個好線上影音轉文字,還是多語言,於是我用覺得很棒,就是 speechnotes (。

如果你是用MAC就可以很順利的幫你轉,但是如果你是window可能要做一些設定。如果你們做麥克風設定,是無法轉。在window昨面右下邊工具在喇叭那裏。滑鼠右鍵點(開啟音效設定>輸入-選擇輸入裝置>立體聲混音(有些叫stereo mix)

Python with excel (openpyxl module)

There are many ptyhon modules to use, in this tutorial I am using openxml method.

Example 1 load excel file and save to another excel file

When load file please used this “load_workbook”

load-module and load excel file :

from openpyxl import load_workbook
wb = load_workbook(‘short_sample.xlsx’)
ws =

you also do like this:

for row in ws.rows:
for cell in row:


for column in ws.columns:
for cell in column:

Example 2 write to excel

default without loading file just used: Workbook

from openpyxl import Workbook
wb = Workbook()
ws =
ws [‘A1’] = ‘Test Write ‘

We can just add by…



  1. repl (開發人員用)


語言:Python、C ++、C、Ruby、Java、NodeJS、html/JS/CSS……



語言:Python、C ++、C、Ruby、Java、NodeJS、html/JS/CSS……

3. Codesandbox (前端工程師或設計師)

給想開發前端,如 Reeact、VUE、JS、NodeJS 等等


4. Codepen (前端設計師)

給設計師,可以自己設計網頁用html css JS


5. codeply (前端設計師)bootstrap

給設計師,可以自己設計網頁用html css JS 的framework,如bootstrap4, Jquery





很多人會把他跟 Evernote做比較。很多國外人都在分享,很不錯用。



I love to self study technology which involve designer, coding, video &filming , and etc . Love to exchange knowledge with people.

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